Topography of Affinity | 180x150cm (assembly of nine 60x50cm panels)
Acrylic, Metal, Tape, Mirror and Stickers on Canvas | 2020

Topography of Affinity is an experimental piece that questions and explores the connection intertwining the notion of healing in relation to fear, boundaries & possession.

Inspired by ten profile photos specified for identification papers over the course of ten years, this artwork aims to trace the marks that “the other” - human impact, time and displacement- leave on one’s identity. The piece tends to demonstrate itself as an individual living being. Separating from the author as soon as it is finalised and living an independent life of its own.

In the process of the making of this piece, other artists from the collective were invited to “intrude” into its sphere. Every time the artwork has been in possession of an artist, it became entirely theirs; whoever passed it over to the next artist, they had to let go of their possession entirely.

The process of observing these changes from a “neutral” point of view and the marks it leaves on my psychology is part of the dynamic of this creation. Perceiving the ever changing relation of the artist and the artwork.